Cube Blast Saga is a Game on Android , Casual Puzzle , New and free, featuring a vibrant , snappy aesthetics .

Cube Blast Saga is a casual 3d match by colors puzzle game , focusing on spatial awareness and planning ahead. A diverse range of puzzle mechanics will keep you on your toes . With a vibrant, snappy aesthetic strengthening the satisfactory feeling of puzzle solving, and the cute aliens guiding you through their world Cube Blast Saga shall definitely engage the casual puzzle loving crowd, as well as the hardcore puzzle solvers.

Game Key Features :

- Challenge your mind - Innovating 3D puzzle mechanics

Push your spatial thinking abilities to their limits - increasingly complex 3D puzzles

- Easy to pick-up intuitive controls

{qtube vid:=dyyzQtczvBU}

- A plethora of levels, with a different mechanical twist on them

- Snappy aesthetics and audio

- Featuring aliens, and explosions .

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