Tap Empire is a Game on Android , Auto Clicker , New and free .

Tap to earn gold, tap to level up, and tap to automate your business as you progress through endless empires and unlock upgrades galore. Just tap to make money and grow your business into an epic millionaire empire. Millionaire? Keep tapping and level up to create your billionaire tycoon empire .

Level up your business and get rich in this idle auto clicker money maker, and conquer level after level as you research, collect, and upgrade. Boost and automate your business to make money beyond your wildest dreams, and conquer empire after empire to evolve your business into an epic idle clicker billionaire entrepreneur paradise!

Portal through time and warp through space with your bling loving sidekick pig, Piggy B. This mighty pig is an entrepreneur tycoon with a love of gold and will help your business monopoly thrive. Tapping with your sidekick pig, you’ll be makin’ bacon in no time .

{qtube vid:=TQnZV6_suLM}

This innovative and addicting idle saga clicker has it all :

- Tap to earn gold and make money

- Level up, upgrade, and automate your business

- Research with a genius inventor

- Replay empires and set new best times

- Portal through time with a mighty pig

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