Dice of Legends is a Game on Android , Strategy New free and Multiplayer .

Game introduction : The “Dice” is here now that you have never seen before. Join now to the new turn based PvP board game Dice of Legend ! It is a strategic battle game with unique champions . Structure your own deck with champions and skill cards and win your battle .

- Unique champions and skill cards - Build your own strategy and use it with classic skills of champions against opponent .

- Easy&Simple - See everything at once with simple interface . Attack opponent’s weakness with easy dice control .

- The attraction of Dice of Legends - Control : Begin your strategy with numbers come out from simple dice control .

- Skill Cards - With various skills that only champions own, build your strategy that no one else can copy .

- Rank Match - Earn your stars with victory to level up your rank .

- Minions - You can do anything with your minions! Unlimited .

- Ranking - Ranking is to define your abilities .

{qtube vid:=z096jFsjh38}

- Growth - Not only depending on your strategy , but also requires minions’ growth as well . It requires you focus and concerntration .

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