Super Jumpy Ball A Platform Puzzle is a Game on Android , 2D Action , New and free .

Super Jumpy Ball is a simple, addictive 2D puzzle game inspired by retro platformers. Faced with clever level design and challenging puzzles, players must find they way through a maze while bouncing, wall jumping and avoid spikes, spike balls, and other challenging obstacles to succeed. Though Super Jumpy Ball is easy to learn, it takes a true master to conquer each level! Do you have the brain and skills to survive? Prove it!

Game Features :

- Play in 3 game modes – linear levels, challenging endless survivor or endless runner mode .

- Challenge your skills over 40 levels of platforming action.

- Experience tough – and incredibly fun – puzzle platformer gameplay with simple controls (including a jump button) .

{qtube vid:=jCklO3HOPPg}

- Solve mazes and puzzles quickly and beat your time in Time Attack .

- Climb the worldwide leaderboard and secure your spot .

- Enjoy a blast from the past with retro graphics .

- Use a touchscreen, keyboard, gamepad or joystick .

- Unlock Achievements & characters .

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