Void Troopers is a Game on Android , Action Sci-fi Tapper , New and free .

The Zurlocs are ravaging your galaxy . It’s time to defend your home from alien invaders in this space adventure clicker game . Will you emerge victorious from the beautiful yet deadly attacks of this bullet hell?

- SHOOT down an endless stream of alien spaceships from the Void

- Tap furiously to kill BOSSES before they destroy your shields

- Send your CAPTAINS on space expeditions to earn gold while you idle

{qtube vid:=sPZo3csCXhY}

- Build a majestic SPACE FLEET by recruiting captains and upgrading ships

- Collect an arsenal of badass sci-fi WEAPONS to wreck your enemies

- Become a TIME-TRAVELLER and restart your journey to gain even more powerful techs .

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