Zoopolis Animal Adventures is a Game on Android , Casual New and free .

Click away to bring new animals to life and travel across fun islands in Zoopolis: Animal Adventures! Merge together 2 animals to create a new, bigger creature and populate your islands with everything from tiny hedgehogs to furry foxes .

Travel across different islands, each with 6 new animals to unlock before you sail to the next :

- Ocean

- Seaside

- Lowland island

- Forest island

{qtube vid:=vYlk4P0a9Js}

- Snow island

- Savanna

- Jungle

- Mountain island

- River

- Desert island

- Farm island

- City

Research every animal to unlock them all ! Zoopolis is a fun, entertaining game for animal lovers that the whole family can play ! Beautiful graphics and simple gameplay will help time fly for you and your friends no matter where you are .

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