Homerun Clash is a Game on Android , Action Sport , New free and Multiplayer .

Real-time worldwide home run competition

- Best your opponents in real-time and become the world's greatest slugger .

- Collect trophies and climb the world rankings .

- Weekly league ranking updates! Claim awesome rewards as you move up .

Exciting game modes

- 1vs1 Match! Nail-biting duel between you and your opponent .

- 4-Player Match! Survive 'til the end! Last one standing reaps the rewards .

- Challenge Mode! Practice makes perfect. Have fun, even by yourself in single-player .

- Tournament! 3-days of intense competition to claim incredible rewards .

{qtube vid:=nRGXMSYvnP4}

Play strategically

- This is no boring homerun derby game! Best your opponents by thinking strategically .

- Hit random objects in the stadium to gain items that mess with your opponent .

- Use the appropriate skill cards to add impact to your hits and defend against opponent's attacks .

Customize your batter through the card system

- Collect batter, equipment, skill, ball cards to upgrade your player .

- Upgrade your batter cards to increase your stats .

- Become a slugger by combining the right equipment & skills cards for your batter .

Unique and interesting characters

- Swing away for that home run, along with our unique characters .

- From the son of the legendary #4 batter, a rythm-crazed hip-hop producer, her majesty's secret serviceman, and a combat fighting batter, check out their diverse backstories .

- Upgrade your batter's looks with gears and bonus stats .

Superb stadiums designed for nail-biting home run derbies

- Travel the world with stadiums in various themes & locations.

- From fireworks in the city, cool waterfalls, mystical orient, towering moai, to shark-filled oceans, there's so much to see .

- We invite you to our stadiums inspired by real baseball stadiums with various outfield foul line distance and fence height.

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