Idle Pocket Crafter Mine Rush is a Game on Android , Tap Adventure , New free .

Idle Pocket Crafter Mine Rush is an idle game about crafting, mining, digging and hunting. Tap to mine diamonds and dig gold, hunt rare prey, chop trees and craft epic gear. Discover exotic new planets in this incremental idle game .

- Easy Idle Gameplay - Just tap to start mining or automate digging and idle. Play Idle Pocket Crafter: Mine Rush your way: tap, mine, click or idle. Dig deep into dark mines and harvest rare ores. Chop trees and be a lumberjack! Hunt down fierce enemies and use their loot to craft powerful gear .

- Craft New Gear - Use the materials from the mines and forests to craft and upgrade your gear for digging, hunting and lumberjacking. Idle or dig; better gear is just a tap away .

- Automate Everything - Automate mining, wood cutting and hunting. Idle without a single tap and dig up a fortune .

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- Free to Play Idle Game - Everything can be achieved without paying .

- Retire & Relax - Retire your hero to gain prestige currency, which can be used to buy powerful, permanent dig upgrades like lightning fast rush mining. Tons of idle equipment and weapons are just one tap away .

- Go Shopping - The island's stores are ready to sell their best items to you. Buy rare items with a tap to dig & harvest faster. Choose your play style, idle or tap. Visit the Mayor to check our your pet collection, achievements and more .

Lovers of the retro digging and crafting games won't be able to put down this addicting idle mining game . Go on a epic tap adventure, explore the island and craft epic mining gear and weapons .

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