Gate Six Cyber Persona is a Game on Android , Role-Playing TBS, New free and Multiplayer .

In the year 2079, the world of is ruled by a sinister cyber force. Its inhabitants connect via cyber persona into a virtual world called Gate Six, which promises eternal life at the cost of one's soul...

You play as Lex, a Cyber Persona who's discovered the corruption underpinning Gate Six. Traverse the dystopian streets through a unique hexagonal exploration system, create a powerful team with other virtual personas and fight the madness with a dazzling array of cyber skills in this .

Game Features :

A rich story set in a cyberpunk genre universe

- Log in to explore six cyber worlds and develop your own Persona .

- Enjoy the twists and turns of an immersive story that'll keep you guessing .

Classic turn-based RPG battles + positioning-based combos .

{qtube vid:=eaK4PnpReNM}

- Position your Cyber Personas to create the ultimate combo synergy .

- Use skill points strategically to unleash the most powerful damage effect .

Strategic maps that require strategic dungeon manuevering .

- More than just a random enemy encounter, dungeons require strategic decision making

- Paths diverge according to your decisions :O

Dazzing graphics and over 60 characters to choose from. And much more .

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