Star Trek Trexels II is a Game on Android , Strategy Role-Playing RPG , New free and Multiplayer .

Take command of your favorite ships as you search the galaxy for iconic Star Fleet officers . Manage your crew, seek out strange worlds , and explore this new frontier .

Game Features :

- Collect Picard, Spock, Janeway, Kirk, Data, and all your other favorite Star Trekā„¢ characters

- Build your ships to maximize efficiency and suit them to your play style

- Explore a host of new planets in interactive turn-based strategy away missions

{qtube vid:=Iu4OC2IqFLQ}

- Unlock iconic ships from across the series as you amass your fleet

- Engage other players in head-to-head turn-based ship battles

- The iconic science fiction universe you love is back in incredible 8-bit pixel art .

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